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You've found melior, a factional product design partner for startups who want to build desirable tech products

Welcome to 👋

Since officially launching in December 2023, we’ve been busy.

We've worked with dozens of brilliant founders, worked on as many incredible products and served up desirable experiences to over two million users. We’ve built MVP’s, overhauled outdated experiences and acted as a fractional design team for tech solutions all over the world. However, this kinda meant that we’ve not got round to the beautiful website update we’ve been planning.

That said, we really wanted to show some of our newest work, fix Arron’s broken calendar link, make some copy changes, and update our pricing (supply & demand 🤷)

So, say hello to our Q3 website place-holder that’s inspired by the simplicity of our most usable experiences, while we continue to work on the major overhaul in the background.

We're for you if:

You're building an MVP
You want to go from idea to prototoype in weeks
Need persistent user problems fixed
Need websites that convert
Need feedback transformed ino solutions
Need to bolster your design team
Fractional Design Partner
Perfect or MVP's, UX overhauls, new feature sprints or bolstering your design team.
  • 1 Senior Designer
  • Feature Kickoff Meetings
  • 2+ Progress Looms per Week
  • Async Feedback
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • No Contracts
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Private Slack Channel

$3,764 / month

Projects take 1-3 months on average
We average 1-4 deliverables per week

More work :)

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Book a demo with me. We'll get introduced, explore if we'd make a good team and talk you through how we work.  
(Warning, I may be at sea ⛵)

Arron Burcher